Select a room, follow the
instructions below, and hit Go!

Please follow these instructions in order to play with us:

Open your mobile browser and go to http://pollysynth.com/LOADING...

Note: URL changes when you select a new room
Sound is really important! so turn your speakers ON or put on your fancy headphones.
Invite your friends to play with you (they can be in the room or anywhere else)
Move the knobs and sliders to modify your sound.
Slide your finger across the touchpad to make sounds and move your character.

What's PollySynth?

PollySynth is a multiplayer polyphonic synthesizer.
Synthesizer voices are visualized as members of the PollySynth gang. Players fly these guys around and create audio havoc just by loading a website on their mobile and playing with the controls. Spatial audio effects add to the fun as characters zoom by.

PollySynth is currently available as a location specific experience. For inquiries please contact info@pollysynth.com.